• DSS develops McLaren 2000+ horsepower capable axles

      McLarens are getting very fast on the strip and with all that power launching the factory driveline becomes a concern. DSS (Driveshaft Shop) is well known for their axles and driveline components which can take a beating.

      In partnership with Renaissance Speed they developed these McLaren axles which apply to all M838T and M840T models:

      We have another **EXCLUSIVE** from Renaissance Speed, your trusted source in McLaren performance. In partnership with The Driveshaft Shop (DSS), the leading aftermarket racing axle manufacturer, we are pleased to offer a McLaren axle upgrade that fits all models; including the 720S! @driveshaftshop is home to numerous drag racing world records and the go-to option for anyone making massive power at the drag strip. Similar axle upgrades have been shown to support up to 2,000 hp, which makes these axles practically indestructible!
      ✅ inner + outer CV internal upgrade
      ✅ high grade aircraft quality bars
      ✅ custom chromoly CV cage/race
      ✅ chromoly 108mm inner CV
      ✅ full aerospace grade internals
      ✅ 1 Year Warranty

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      1. vrsixxxxxx's Avatar
        vrsixxxxxx -
        Is it really that common to break? i havent seen any tbh
      1. Jiaim's Avatar
        Jiaim -
        Some serious hardware coming to m838t the axles may be suitable, check
      1. Sticky's Avatar
        Sticky -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by vrsixxxxxx Click here to enlarge
        Is it really that common to break? i havent seen any tbh
        No but it's nice to have as with Syvecs out and people starting to build motors and go to big turbos these eventually will be necessary.
      1. kbaldi29's Avatar
        kbaldi29 -
        They break for sure... Not on the average cars for sure, but the second you start pushing this is the first component to fail on this cars, second the clutch. Is a shame DSS takes so long to fabricate this components, otherwise this would be a hot upgrade and much needed necessity for all 720s out there.