• McLaren dual clutch transmission (SSG) upgrade coming from Dodson

      McLaren owners pushing big power, you will want to pay attention to this. Dodson is tackling the McLaren dual clutch transmission or SSG (Seamless Shift Gearbox). This will be appreciated by those McLarens with upgraded turbos or who do hard standing start launches.

      Dodson does not specify whether this is just for M838T McLarens or if it will apply to M840T McLarens but you can expect Dodson to have a solution for both.

      Furthermore, Ferrari and Mercedes share use of a similar transaxle dual clutch setup so we should see this carry over to cars like the AMG GT or Ferrari 488.

      Quote Originally Posted by Dodson
      #McLaren 7- speed Seamless Shift dual-clutch (SSG) upgrade clutch.
      Also compatible with #Mercedes AMG, and select #Ferrari models!
      High-performance 6 or 7 plate clutch
      Billet Baskets
      Quality frictions suitable for high torque applications
      Hardened and ground steel plates
      CAD designed / CNC machined components

      Benefits vs OE:
      Increased torque capacity
      Enhanced clutch cooling
      Baskets made from high strength steel to handle higher HP ・・・
      We are now accepting pre-order interest!

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